Summer Walker broke Beyonce’s record for the largest streaming week and also received much praise for her debut album!!

Sadly, Summer Walker’s debut album titled “Over It” did not manage to climb into the No. 1 spot in the Billboard 200 as it was initially expected to based on early numbers and predictions.

But the debut album reached nearly all its expectations when it sat in the No. 2 spot, i.e. the album did reach the runner-up tailing behind the new band from K-pop named “SuperM.”

Summer Walker broke Beyonce's record for the largest streaming week and also received much praise for her debut album!! 1

The full-length album is a total win for Summer Walker, who has previously failed in entering the top 40 in the tally and is still relatively new to gaining popularity and catching up to the steam.

“Over It” was aided with a massive number of streams as it found its way to the No. 2 spot, and these streams are going help make Summer Walker prove herself among all of the R&B acts.

According to the reports from the official website of Billboard, Summer Walker’s debut album was launched with a massive 154.7 million on-demand streams just in seven days since its release into availability in the U. S.
And then the company went on to apply its methodology to all these figures, these all plays have rounded up to equivalent album units of 119,000, and these are pretty enough to put Summer Walker in the second spot without even selling a single copy of her album.

As per the reports, Summer Walker’s debut album “Over It” has sold about 14,000 copies. The 119,000 equivalent streaming units are large enough to make Summer Walker’s album be the second-largest streaming R&B album of all time.

Apart from claiming her album as the second-largest streaming week among all the R&B albums, Summer Walker has also defeated Beyonce’s Lemonade for the title of the largest streaming week among all the R&B titles that were powered by women. Back in 2016, Beyonce’s Lemonade has landed in the No. 1 spot with 115.2 million streams.