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Suburra: Blood on Rome Season 3: Get Ready for the Finale as it Turns more Gory & Nail-biting

Credit: Netflix

The battle for Rome turns more brutal and ruthless and a new evil comes

Netflix’s Italian political thriller Suburra has been renewed for a third and final season last year and will be releasing towards the end of this month. Suburra: Bloom on Rome has become one of Netflix’s biggest international series after its first season was released in October 2017, following it up with season two in February 2019. Here’s all the information on season 3.

Release date and plot


Suburra: Blood on Rome will start streaming from October 30, 2020.

The show is based on real events from the Mafia Capitale investigation and delves deep into the power struggles and corruption that takes place between organized crime, politicians, and the clergy. The leads are Aureliano Adami (Alessandro Borghi), a gang member from Ostia and his connections to Sinti-based gang member Alberto “Spadino” Anacleti (Giacomo Ferrara), and Gabriele “Lele” Marchilli (Eduardo Valdarnini), who happens to be the only son of a policeman but gets involved in crime.

Season two ends with Lele committing suicide, and season three starts from the other two unable to handle the guilt of his passing and of the crimes they had racked up. That’s when Manfredi, the head of the Anacleti clan wakes up from his coma and this puts everyone in a new spot of trouble. What ensues is a final power struggle over who gains control over Rome. In the trailer, we see the Jubilee, a brand new business coming into the city with promises of illegal goods trafficking, money and status.

The series is directed by Andrea Molaioli, Giuseppe Capotondi, Piero Messina and Michele Placido, and the executive producers is Erik Barmack, with Marco Chimenz, Giovanni Stabilini and Ricardo Tozzi as the producers.