Aruana Grande and Justin Bieber hav come up with a sweet collab this quarantine- Stuck With You! Have a look!

Stuck is a word that evidently summarizes our whole condition nowadays. All of us are stuck in our respective homes without our wills. On account of the COVID-19 infection, we are all stuck.

Furthermore, despite the fact that we all are stuck in this situation, yet we all are hoping to get out in the near time soon. Although we have no idea about when that will occur, so we all remain stuck.

Blessed are the individuals who are stuck with the individuals they like, all the more so with the individual, they love best. Could you simply envision what it resembles being stuck every minute of every day with someone you detest or basically doesn’t coexist with? That is a definitive discipline.


Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande have been quite lucky in this thing as they both have been stuck with their respective flames. Justin Bieber is stuck at home with his supermodel lady, the stunning Hailey Baldwin. On the other hand, Ariana Grande is stuck at home with her new beau, the hot-looking tycoon Dalton Gomez.

These two upbeat spirits considered those stuck together, and in light of the fact that making music is their main event, Ariana and Justin thought of a melody. It is their first joint effort since the large selling What Do You Mean in 2015. The music video is titled Stuck With U. It is one of the best collabs in recent times.


The two pop stars thought of those children who are moving on from secondary school this year yet won’t have the option to encounter that most significant transitional experience, the senior prom.

Grande and Bieber solicited fans to send in recordings from themselves moving, explicitly in prom dresses or suits they didn’t get the opportunity to wear to their proms. Presently, those clasps are a lasting piece of the official music video for the melody.