Streaming Platform Start to Bring a Series on Book “Crime and Punishment”

Fyodor Dostoevsky’s Classic Novel in Development at Start!

The book is one of the most significant accomplishments in world writing. It was first published in The Russian Messenger’s literary journal in twelve monthly instalments during 1866.

The Plot

 Russian Death fame Vladimir Mirzoyev will be directing the project. It will be an 8 episode thriller drama which will follow a terrific storyline.

The theme of the series is set at the backdrop of alienation from society.It’s about Rodion Raskolnikov a student. He is a devastated ex-student in Saint Petersburg who intends to kill a corrupt pawnbroker for money. Before the killing, Raskolnikov accepts that he could free himself from poverty and proceed to perform extraordinary deeds with the cash. His justifications crumble totally as he battles with guilt and stands up to this present reality outcome of his deed.

Crime and Punishment

Production Details

 Daria Bondarenko, EVP of sales and acquisitions at Start, said the streaming company is excited about this venture and looking for a good response from the audience.

In a statement given by Bondarenko on behalf of the company. She said, “We love to play with recent trends and sort sayings, and we’re eager to give a new breath to this famous IP and move it to current times,” She added  “What might these characters resemble now? What impacts their decision? What impacts their decision? What’s more, at last, with the incomprehensible logic of wrongdoings, what might drive a normal St. Petersburg understudy to move to the dark side – his inward evil presences, or somebody more remarkable, the Devil?”

While the original happens in nineteenth century Russia, the series is set in new St. Petersburg.

Vasily Grigolyunas, the director of photography, talked about the series. He commented that “The new adaptation of the novel aims to bring new perspectives and interpretations to a classic story.”