Stray Kids Announces Second World Tour, Maniac to Kickstart in this Spring!

Stray Kids Ready for The Tour

The K- pop group Stray Kids is ready for their upcoming world tour. On March 7, the group announced to their fans their second world tour. The world tour ‘Maniac’ will begin this spring. They will start the tour, on April 30, in Seoul, South Korea then going to Japan, then U.S., and then back to Japan. The cities and the official dates of the concert have been announced, However, the venues have not been announced yet.

The boy band will announce more dates and more cities that they will perform in, in the upcoming days. Stray Kids also shared a poster for the world tour.

Stray Kids Will Kick of their "Maniac" This Spring
Instagram/ Stray Kids

“Oddinary” Trailer

The South Korean boy band debuted back in 2017 under JYP Entertainment. They released their debut EP, titled “I Am Not” in 2017 on March 25. On June 17, 2020, Stray Kids released their first ever studio album, “Go Live” with the lead single “God’s Menu”. This was the group’s best selling album.

Last February they announced their partnered with Republic Records for their United States promotional activities along with the girl group Itzy. The group will also release their EP, “Oddinary” on March 18. Maniac will be it’s lead single. Last month, the group shared a trailer for ”Oddinary”. The trailer featured, one of the members entering a building called ordinary. Later he transports to a different dimension where he meets his fellow band mates.

Stray Kids Will Kick of their "Maniac" This Spring
Instagram/ Stray Kids

Details of the Tour

The tour will begin on April 30, with the first two shows to be held in Seoul. From May 11 to 19, they will perform in Kobe and Tokyo, Japan. They will then head to the United States and then come back to Japan on July 26.

Fans from U.S., South Korea and Japan, are really excited but fans from other countries must not lose hope as they will ass more shows.