Stranger Things to Conclude its Strange & successful Run with Season 5!

Stranger things Season 5 Would Be The Last Season 

Stranger Things makers dropped the news for fans of the series on Thursday. The good news is that Season 5 of the sci-fi drama has been renewed by Netflix, but it will also be the last season, ending the six-year-old series.

As the series gets renewed for one more season ahead of its long-awaited Season 4 premiere, fans couldn’t hold back their excitement. But it’s also hard to let go of the supernatural series in such a short amount of time.

Stranger Things 

Matt Duffer and Ross Duffer, show creators dropped the bombshell in a joint statement for their fans. They also confirmed the series will release in two parts.

Duffer said in a statement when they started the series seven years ago, they had the whole blueprint in mind. Even at that time, they were sure that this series would go on till season four or five. According to him, the storyline till season four gets a bit lengthy too. But here’s when fans liked it so much, regardless of the length of the series, they extended the series for one more season.

Season 4 Delay

On one hand, fans are desperately waiting for Season 4 to release as the fourth season of the series is getting delayed for the last two years. Stranger Things fourth season, expected to release in early 2021 got delayed because of the pandemic. And fans couldn’t wait to know the fate of the characters Hopper and Eleven.

Stranger Things 

But season four delay only increased the chance of releasing season five. Last year, Harbour hinted that Stranger Things might get one more season on Netflix. And now as the season is confirmed we hope it to drop soon without getting delayed.

But the release of season 5 is still under the curtain. We hope some good news to drop regarding its next season.

However, you can catch season 4 from May 27 and its second part on July 1.