Stranger Things shared a recent tweet celebrating LGBT: Robin Buckly comes out lesbian and admits to Steve Harrington!!

For the first time appearing in Stranger Things, Robin Buckley was the main character to be introduced to the audience in the third season. Robin Buckley was introduced to be working at the Scoops Ahoy situated in the Starcourt Mall along with Steve Harrington.

Robin Buckley was a former classmate of Steve Harrington and started her work at the Scoops Ahoy located in the Starcourt Mall in the summer of the year 1985.

Robin Buckley had a fun time as she kept mocking Steve Harrington, but as she kept up with her hobby to do so, she started harboring some jealousy towards him during their high school.

Robin Buckley has a crush on Tammy Thompson, who, in turn, was attracted to Steve Harrington.

When it was found that Dustin Henderson has intercepted a secret Russian message, Robin Buckley helps the rest to translate the transmission, which leads to the discovery that there are some Russians in the Hawkins. These Russians were working underneath the Starcourt Mall.

With the help of Dustin, Steve, and Erica Sinclair, Robin would slowly start discovering that the Russians were working on a paranormal activity that works with a key opening a gate.

It was during this time that Robin developed a friendship with Steve Harrington, and then she takes the opportunity as she reveals her sexuality to him, which is considered a big step since Robin was the first person to open up about her homosexuality.

Robin then would go on to help the remaining friends of Dustin’s to fight against the Mind Flayer before the gate gets closed by Joyce Byers. Three months after this incident, Robin Buckley and Steve Harrington are still friends, and they continued their search for new jobs at Family video.