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Stranger Things Season 4 Release Date, Cast, Trailer, plot and Spoiler! Shawn Levy spill the beans about Season 5! Checkout for more details!


The Stranger Things season 3 recently ended, and the updates for the new season 4 are already hyping up the fans. And of course, we are too! This series is one of the trending series on Netflix right now. And rightfully so! With a rating of 8.8 on IMDB, this series is perfect for someone who is a lover of the thriller genre. The 77-minute finale episode of the third season left a few major questions unanswered. So, hopefully, the fourth season will clear all the doubts the fans have until now.

Stranger Things Season 5?

In a recent interview, the executive producer Shawn Levy said the show could go longer. He said that fans everywhere were very disappointed when news got out that the fourth season was the last one. Shawn added that the fourth season is coming for sure, and there is also a possibility for a fifth. But he feels unlikely that the show will continue beyond that.

David Harbour, aka Hopper, said in an interview that it is important to bow out at the right time. He said Stranger Things doesn’t have an open-ended thing. Every character of the show has an end. He added they wanted to give the fans something fun, but they didn’t want to bore them at the same time. The team has a specific story to tell, and they want to portray that.

But when is Season 4 releasing?

There is no fixed date yet, but the fans noticed a pattern. Season 1 came out in July 2016, Season 2 came out in October 2017 and Season 3 in July 2019. It isn’t sure yet if it will come in 2020 or 2021. But fans think Season 4 will release during the holiday time. The previous two seasons came out during the holiday season. So December 2020 is a good bet if they follow their previous pattern.

Stranger Things Season 4 cast:

But who’s returning in Season 4 of the series? Obviously, the show won’t be complete without the original cast. So, Millie Bobbie Brown, Dustin, Will, Lucas, Jonathan, Robin, and all the others are coming back. Billy died at the end of Stranger Things season 3, so he won’t return, probably. But we are yet to know if Hopper is alive. Hopefully, we will get our answer to that soon.

Stranger Things Season 4 Spoiler:

Now coming to the spoilers- what can possibly happen in the fourth season? Season 3 left a few questions at the end. After the apparent death of Hopper, Joyce, Will, and Jonathan packed their bags to leave the city of Hawkins behind.

We don’t know the destination they are moving towards as of now. But we know the gang will always stick together no matter what. Also, it seems Eleven is losing her powers, but we are hoping for something positive to happen soon. Fans think the fourth season may take a leap of few years and may take place in a different town altogether.

We are yet to see a trailer for the fourth season. The fourth season will hopefully live up to the hype!