Stranger Things Season 4 latest teaser reveals that Jim Hopper is still alive! What will he do in the final season? Check out for all the latest details.


After the release of the teaser of Stranger Things’s 4th Season there is a lot of buzz created for the return of the pivotal character Hopper. This season is a very promising season because it holds a lot of things in its bucket.

The third season ended on a very interesting note wherein Hooper was dead, and Eleven had lost the powers that she had, and the RussiansĀ got into acquisition a mustique American prisoner along with a Demogorgon.

The teaser released by Netflix last Friday has cleared out the suspense and this has helped us uncover the suspense of who that mysterious American was. It was none other than our Detective Hooper, which means that he never actually died. While watching this preview one could comprehend from the labour scene of Russia that Hooper has ultimately turned into one of the rugged labours.

When will the Stranger Things Season 2 be releasing ???

Last September, Netflix officially announced that it would be officially returning to launch the fourth edition of the Stranger Things series. Although there is no official date announced for its comeback, one can be for sure to expect that the series would be returning this year i.e. 2020. For this, Netflix launched its teaser along with an amazing tagline.

What will be the story of this installment ???

The 4th Season begins with Eleven and Byers living on the outskirts of the area Hawkins. Eleven misses her powers a lot and Hooper’s presence in Russia make a very good premise which was lacking behind in the previous season.

As the season proceeds further one can see that Eleven would try to find the way in which she could revive her powers and try to stop the Russian meddling. Also, the gang would unite to save Hooper and some unanswered questions would be answered by Dr. Brenner in this Season.