Stranger Things Season 4: Can Eleven turn into a villain or Hopper will actually return to save her?? Read more to discover more about the theory!

As the Stranger Things is done with its season free, the viewers and the fans are all brainstorming about different fan theories. The fans have taken to the Reddit, to theorize different possibilities of the fate of the characters in the upcoming season.

One of the fan theory says that the character of our angel Eleven can become the Billy-Esque villain in the next season. This theory comes after a fan pointed out that during the end of season three, Eleven got bitten by a monster, which could get her infected and thus changing her role into that of a villain.

The show makers, Ross Duffer, and Matt Duffer have said that season four of the series Stranger Things will be theoretically “very different” for the previous three seasons. Also, it would be a heartbreaking moment for all the fans of the series if the fan theory of Eleven turning into a villain goes true.

There is another rumor that Hopper may be alive and make a comeback in Season 4. He may come back to save her, which makes us think it to be a perfect Dad Daughter Moment.

At first glance, it looks like Millie’s is spending time with her co-star. But if we take a close look at the photo, we can see a beard which makes us believe that the fans theory about his comeback may be true.

In an interview shortly after season 3, Ross Duffer said, “We don’t want to write ourselves in a corner, so we try to have these early discussions with the writers just to make sure that we’re setting ourselves up to go in the right direction.” He said that they might not know about a lot of things, but they know about the “big broad strokes.” For example, by the end of season two, the makers knew about Billy and Russians coming in.

Stranger Things is a Netflix original web series that caters to the genre of science fiction horror. The Duffer brothers, along with being the makers of the show, they are the executive producers with Shawn Levy and Dan Cohen. The first season of the show was released on July 15, 2016, and the season being released in 2019. The Duffer brothers or the Netflix are yet to announce a release date for season four of the show.

It is interesting to see tons of theories floating regarding season four but the theory which anticipates all of us is whether Eleven will turn into a villain or not? Surely the fans cannot wait to watch season four.