Stormzy’s newest release is a homage for Wiley! Checkout how Fans responded to ‘Wiley Flow’!!

The newest release of Stormzy, ‘Wiley Flow’ is all about paying a ‘respect’ to his fellow rapper, Wiley. This single of Stormzy which is the fourth in his still-to-release album.

The ‘Wiley Flow’ has received a huge response from the fans and is being widely appreciated as well. The only concern that the people are having regarding the rap is whether the track is meant to admire and respect Wiley or is a way of disrespecting him.

At the beginning of the track, Wiley’s words can be heard which says, “Bruv, I didn’t look at it this way before, but as I approach my birthday, all you men are my youngers.”. Progressing with the rap, Stormzy is seen citing Wiley’s words, especially that of “youngsters,” and saying, “So please, man, let’s just be adults.”.

Stormzy's newest release is a homage for Wiley! Checkout how Fans responded to 'Wiley Flow'!! 1

Further, the dialogue of Wiley with which the rap begins is followed by Stormzy expressing,  “This year imma be a household name / I grew up in a house of pain / I don’t do it for the clout or fame / All the real n****s gonna vouch on my name.”

The host rapper, however, is seen paying some real ‘respect’ to Wiley when the chorus starts off, “And now I hit you n***** with the Wiley flow.”

Fans on Twitter had expressed their skeptical mind about the true meaning of Stromzy’s newest track. One such post read “What’s actually happening with the #wileyflow tune by Stormzy? Is this a beef thing or what? I’m confused, getting both vibes here. It’s a banger, though.”

Wiley himself solved this dilemma as he posted a clip of ‘Wiley flow’ with the caption “My brudda 4 life @stormzy”. The post received a comment from the mentioned rapper which read “Always love and respect legend #homeage.”