Stormi Interrupted Her Father’s Instagram Live Chat And The Results are Too Cute To Handle! Read for all details.


It seems like while all the families are spending time with each other, some of the young ones are entertaining their parents throughout the session. Recently, Stormi also did something adorable and it is already grabbing eyeballs.

Stormi Interrupted Travis’ Live Instagram Chat In The Most Adorable Way Possible!

Travis Scott was organizing an Instagram live chat only to be crushed by her adorable daughter Stormi! The young rapper went on Instagram Live this week. Meanwhile, his 2-year-old daughter, Stormi Webster, didn’t let that Instagram chat stop her from hanging out with her famous dad.

The baby girl unaware of what her father was up to ended up crashing the chat and the results are too cute to handle! During the Instagram live chat was on the rapper was sipping on some tequila and previewing his new music.

The Results Of This Duo In The Chat Was Too Cute To Handle!

Stormi soon interrupted the chat asking what’s that and Travis soon replied that it’s live chat, laughing. The baby not that interested in the live chat soon points to the TV saying she wants to play a game. The whole thing was interrupted while Travis went on to put on a movie for Stormi. Well, like any other dad Dad Rapper had to put on a movie to distract her baby girl.

Stormi is surely having a good time showing off her sparkly sunglasses and also Kylie was ask her what happened to her stained short and detective it was a result of the dinner eating fiasco! The kid was unaware of her shirt being all stained but Kylie was surely shocked to see the results like any other mother of a two year old.