Stevie Nicks Thanks Taylor Swift for Helping Her Mourn Late Fleetwood Mac Bandmate – Heartwarming!

Stevie Nicks Thanks Taylor Swift for Helping Her Mourn Late Fleetwood Mac Bandmate

Legendary musician Stevie Nicks recently went on a co-headlining tour with Billy Joel, and during her performance at the State Farm Arena in Atlanta, Georgia, she shared her gratitude for Taylor Swift and her song “You’re On Your Own, Kid.” The song has been providing comfort for Nicks in dealing with the loss of her friend and Fleetwood Mac bandmate, Christine McVie.


Christine McVie, a singer, songwriter, and keyboardist for Fleetwood Mac, died at the age of 79 in November 2021 after a short illness. Nicks, who had been friends with McVie for over four decades, penned a tribute to her bandmate when she passed away. Since then, she’s found her own ways to grieve, including seeking solace in music.

Stevie Nicks’ Tribute to Taylor Swift

Nicks took a moment during her performance to thank Taylor Swift for writing “You’re On Your Own, Kid,” a track which has helped Nicks cope with the loneliness of losing McVie. She thanked the “Anti-Hero” singer for writing the song, which she stated encapsulates “the sadness of how I feel.”

Nicks on Her Friendship with McVie

Nicks fondly remembered her friendship with McVie, sharing stories of their relationship to the audience. Despite being miles apart, they always managed to reconnect when they came back to Fleetwood Mac, where they’d pick up right where they left off. There was never a disagreement between the two, and now Nicks finds herself having to learn to cope without her friend.

The Song “You’re On Your Own, Kid”

“You’re On Your Own, Kid” is a track from Taylor Swift’s recent album, “Midnights.” The song follows a young person as they navigate relationships, feelings of inadequacy and loneliness, ultimately coming to the conclusion that they’ll always have one person in their corner: themselves.

Swift’s Message in the Song

Swift’s lyrics in the song are particularly poignant and personal to Nicks, given her current situation. The song encourages listeners not to be afraid of being alone and to find comfort in their own independence.

Nicks Finds Comfort in the Song

Nicks expressed her gratitude to Swift for writing the song, as it has helped her cope with McVie’s death. She shared that she feels like she’s having to learn to be on her own now, but the debut of the song has made the transition easier.

The Connection Between Nicks and Swift

Swift and Nicks have a history, as they have collaborated in the past and Nicks is a vocal supporter of the young artist. Nicks sees much of herself in Swift, who she describes as having a similar determination and childlike nature. Nicks sings praises of Swift’s talent as a singer, songwriter, performer, and guitarist, even comparing her to pop icons like Neil Diamond and Elton John.

Nicks Continues Her Tour

Stevie Nicks and Billy Joel’s co-headlining tour continues across the United States until December 2022, with upcoming shows in Orlando, Philadelphia, and Toronto. Tickets for all shows are on sale now.


Stevie Nicks’ public tribute to Taylor Swift is a testament to the power of music and its ability to help others cope with grief. The passing of McVie was a difficult experience for Nicks, but she found a source of comfort in Swift’s “You’re On Your Own, Kid.” The song’s lyrics are encouraging and relatable to anyone who’s ever felt lost or alone, and Swift’s words have helped provide Nicks with a sense of strength when she needs it most.


1. What is the song “You’re On Your Own, Kid” about?

The song is about independence and self-reliance, with lyrics that encourage listeners not to be afraid of being alone and to find comfort in their own strength.

2. How did Stevie Nicks know Taylor Swift?

The two artists have collaborated in the past, and Nicks has spoken highly of Swift’s talent and work ethic.

3. What was Stevie Nicks’ friendship with Christine McVie like?

Nicks and McVie had been friends for over 40 years and had an incredibly close bond. They managed to stay in touch even when they were apart, and there was never a disagreement between them.

4. How has music helped Stevie Nicks cope with the loss of Christine McVie?

Music has been a source of comfort for Nicks since McVie’s death, and Taylor Swift’s song “You’re On Your Own, Kid” in particular has helped Nicks feel less alone during this difficult time.

5. Will Stevie Nicks continue to tour in the future?

While the future is always uncertain, Nicks currently has tour dates scheduled through December 2022 alongside Billy Joel.