Steven Universe Future Episode 13 and 14 to drop soon on Cartoon Network! Read to know the details.

Fans of Steven Universe Future are thrilled as the show is is finally back on the Cartoon Network after a long haul. Here’s everything you need to know about the rest of the season, as well as Episode 13 “Together Forever,”

Episodes – 13 & 14 will be airing on 13 March, Friday

Fans don’t need to wait any longer as they will be able to watch the continuation of this animated TV series. Episodes 13 and 14 — will be dropping on Friday, 13 March.

They’ll air on the Cartoon Network at 7 p.m. and 7:15 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. Episode 13 is named “Together Forever” and Episode 14 is named “Growing Pains.” The duration of each episode is 15 minutes.

The description for Episode 13 “Together Forever” says: “Connie has a very clear vision of her future and Steven wants to make sure he’s a part of it.”

The description for Episode 14 “Growing Pains” says: “Steven sees a doctor for the first time.”Fans are exuberant about these two episodes.

Preview & Schedule

After Episode 13 and Episode 14, there are two more episodes left to air. Episode 15 and 16  is known to be airing on Friday,20 March. Episode 15 is called “Mr. Universe” and Episode 16 is called “Fragments.”

Fans are also in treat for a four-part finale for Steven Universe Future which will be dropping on 27 March, 2020. It is going to include epsiodes named “Homworld Bound,” “Everything’s Fine,” “I Am My Monster,” and “The Future.”

For now let’s enjoy the show as it is back, and then we have two more episodes on 13 March, which follows two more on 20 March, and at the end a four-episode finale on March 27  after which we bid the show farewell.

Fans can’t wait for the remaining of the series to air. Steven Universe future is one of the best animated shows on Cartoon Network!