Steve Harvey Chose Career over Family Once, but Now he is a Doting Father to his Daughter Who is Proud of Them

credit: Instagram

Steve Harvey who has struggled a lot into his comedy career now has his own show. But there was a time when Harvey prioritized his career before his family. Ever since his career has been stable he has been a devoted family man. Harvey is a father to seven kids four of them are biological and three of them are from his ex-wife Marcia. Twins Karli and Brandi came in 1982 and Broderick in 1991 but their marriage was not successful. Therefore he again got married to Mary Lee and had a son named Wynton in 1997.

In the year 2007 Harvey did third marriage to Marjorie and is raising three children named Lori, Morgan and Jason as his own. Harvey does not use the term step-children because he does not want any of his kids to feel differently.


However, his daughters are well-grown now and they have successful lives. When Karli and Brandi were young, Harvey abandoned his family to take care of his career. But years later, everything became fine and the trio thanked and decided to give Harvey a second chance and things got better between them. Soon they became close to each other, even in 2015 when Karli tied knot Harvey walked her down the aisle. Karli said he is an amazing dad for her no matter what. Harvey also posted a picture of his daughters with very sweet caption.

Brandi was a professional bodybuilder but she changed her career to be a wellness coach. In December 2018 she shared a picture of her competing and winning second place in June 2008. She is thankful because her bodybuilding career has taught her discipline and time-management goals. She is also a successful author one of her e-book is “Go Beyond Her”.

Karli is more inclined towards giving her attention to her family. She has been married to a basketball player Benjamin and has a son BJ Raymond. These two are most important people of her life and she loves spending her time with them.

Harvey’s daughter Lori is coming up as a model and a social media influencer. She also remains in the headlines because of her on-going love affairs. Morgan is also doing great in her life, she is a professional foodie. She also had published a recipe book known as “Party Hard” which includes 20 easy recipes to give a No-FAIL party.