Stephen King’s The Outsider garnered worldwide praise! Go watch the miniseries if you haven’t yet already!

If you are fan of Horror-thriller series then ‘The Outsider’ must be on your watchlist This mini-series was so great that I can’t describe it in mere words. If you haven’t had a chance to watch it yet, I suggest you do it ASAP!!

Recently the series is being talked about a lot I’m not sure why. HBO shows like The Night of and True Detective got a lot more buzz than what The Outsider is getting. But the thing is The Outsider is seen to have recorded a lot more viewership than above mentioned shows but barely  anybody is gossiping  about it!

Reports from the’ Variety’ state that the series finale episode was watched by over 2.2 million viewers across all platforms.

Stephen King's The Outsider garnered worldwide praise! Go watch the miniseries if you haven't yet already! 1
Source: HBO

The report further says  that throughout the first nine episodes, The Outsider at the moment is  averaging 9 million viewers across all platforms.

For the sake of comparison, Watchmen garnered 1.6 million viewers across all platforms to its finale and averaged just over 7 million viewers per episode, while season 3 of True Detective averaged close to 8 million.

The story of ‘The Outsider’ revolves around a Ralph Anderson, a police detective played by Ben Mendelsohn as gets set to investigate the disfigured dead body of an 11-year-old boy by the name of Frankie Peterson. The mutilated body was found in the Georgia woods. The mysterious  situation revolving this heinous crime leads Ralph Anderson to bring in an out of the box private detective called Holly Gibney played by Erivo, whose eerie capabilities will apparently help explain the unthinkable.

So if you haven’t watched The Outsider yet, watch it now you won’t regret it I promise! I have no clue if there’s going to be a second season of this spectacular miniseries, but with the series being such a massive hit, I’m quite sure that it is very much possible.