Stephen Curry buys Atherton Mansion at a whopping price of 31$ million. Check out for details..

Wardell Stephen Curry, the American professional basketball player who has been NBA’s most valuable player recently bought a mansion at a very high price.

He has been called the greatest shooter of NBA history. Curry was born in Akron, Ohio. He has been credited for revolutionizing the age of basketball by inspiring basketball teams. Curry has been outspoken about his Christian faith. Curry is also an avid golf player.

The Bay Area bedroom community of Atherton, Calif is known as the wealthiest zip code in the United States. Well, new data says that its price is still increasing. In June, it was sold by Atherton estate for $31 million (highest paid amount for a house in 2019).
Further details showed that the property was not owned by any business tycoon, rather by the professional basketball player, Stephen Curry. He has been signed to a contract of $201 million. This purchase of Curry was not reported earlier. It is a 1.2 acre flat, the gate of the house is scarcely visible from the roadside.
It is a three-storeyed house. In the house, a perfect blend of modern and traditional styles could be seen. As per the data, Cormatin paid $6.5 million for the same, back in 2007. Photos of the interior part of the house have not been shared. It seems Curry is interested in real estate. Last year as well, he sold 6.3 million Alamo. He sold one of his houses at a slight loss.
Curry would have to pay a tax amount of around, $330,000. Curry would get a friendly environment there, his new Atherton neighbors are as rich as him. Well, the list of business tycoons residing at Atherton is a bit long.