Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker’s new trailer teases Rey’s turn to the dark side.

Rey takes a turn to the dark side in the new trailer launched at D23.

Star Wars: Episode IX continues to increase the excitement and thrill level for the fans, leaving them stumped like never before every time. The footage exclusively shared at Disney’s D23 expo in California by Lucasfilms is like an abstract of the epic space franchise than the trailer for the last part.

In a two-minute reel, there are fleeting glimpses of the iconic ‘Star Wars’ moments through the years with late Luke Skywalker’s in the background serving as the voice for the culminating battle between Rey and Kylo. But that’s not what the reel is about, the real reveal that threw everyone off-guard, was Rey clad in a dark cloak, and it’s conceived that the dark hooded figures from the franchise have been evil always.

Towards the end of the trailer, it’s divulged that the dark hooded figure is Rey who is wielding a red lightsaber, instead of the blue that she inherited from Luke Skywalker. Now it will be interesting to know if all the happening that we saw in the footage is real or another vision. The recent revelation has indeed taken the anticipation bar way too high if it was anymore possible.

Talking about the exclusively shared footage at D23, the actress, Daisy Ridley admitted she was shocked that her character’s dark side reveal was included in it. She said that she went to Bad Robot yesterday to ask if she could see the teaser and after watching she was startled. “Oh my god, are you really putting that in there?” was her reaction”. It was weird to watch because she felt nervous about it coming because she knew it was going to be. And then hearing the audience’s reaction was amazing for her.

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The new footage of Rey possibly going to the Dark Side has the anxiety level skyrocketing, at least until the next update on the movie which is set to hit theatres on 20th December 2019.