Spotify Exec Slams Harry, Meghan as Grifters for Failed Podcast: Financial Crisis Imminent.

Spotify Exec Slams Harry and Meghan’s Podcasting Deal

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have come under fire after their Archewell Audio podcasting deal with Spotify came to an end following claims of unmet productivity targets by the streaming giant. A top executive at Spotify, Bill Simmons, called the couple “f***ing grifters” for producing just one season of their podcast. Sources have commented that the failure of the deal will place continued financial pressure on the couple, who reportedly acquired a $20 million deal for the podcasting series.

A breakdown of Harry and Meghan’s failed Spotify deal

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry struck a $20 million podcasting deal with Spotify; however, the couple is now under scrutiny after producing only a 13-episode series titled “Archetypes.”

Spotify Cans Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Podcast Series Due to Unfulfilled Targets

The Archetypes podcast has performed poorly, not meeting the productivity targets that were set forth by Spotify for the show.

Spotify Exec Distances Himself from Harry and Meghan’s Failed Podcast Deal

Bill Simmons, Spotify’s Head of Podcast Innovation and Monetization, described the couple as “f***ing grifters” upon learning of the collapse of their deal as they had only produced just one season of the show.

Harry Refused to Take Advice From Spotify Executive on Podcast Venture

Immersed in attempts to make the Archetypes podcast successful, a source revealed that Harry refused some elaborate advice by Bill Simmons that may have helped.

The cost of the failed podcasting series

The collapse of the deal might put financial pressure on the couple as bills continue to mount from their life in their $14.7 million California mansion; their private security detail that reportedly costs around $2 million per year; their legal fees in battling the British press; and the costs of keeping their company, Archewell afloat without the cash flow from the Spotify podcasting deal.

Obamas: Better Performance for Spotify with Annual Productions

The Obamas, who signed a similar deal with Spotify, delivered multiple successful podcasts, unlike Meghan and Harry who only produced one episode.

Spotify’s Move Away From Big Names  in Podcasts

The streaming giant has scaled back on big-name talent, citing difficulties in making podcasts profitable despite their popularity among listeners.

The impact of the end of the deal

The end of the $20 million deal of the couple’s podcasting series might see them under increasing pressure to keep generating more income.

Markle Newly Signed With Talent Agency as She Plans to Develop More Content

Meghan’s new talent agency, WME, has confirmed that the Duchess “is continuing to develop more content for the Archetypes audience on another platform”.

Harry No Longer in Good Standing with British Royalty?

Prince Harry, who made the decision with his wife to renounce the royal family, is not on the guest list at Trooping the Colour, the most important fixture of the Royals’ annual calendar.


Despite the potentially disappointing conclusion of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Spotify deal, the power couple has great potential to continue making an impact in the entertainment world through their future endeavours.


1. What is Archetypes, the podcast?”

Archetypes, the podcast produced by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle for Spotify, came to an end after only one season and 13 episodes due to unfulfilled productivity targets.

2. Was Prince Harry ever involved with the Archetypes podcast?

Despite a three-year deal signed with Spotify, Prince Harry never appeared on the podcast produced by him and Meghan Markle.

3. How much money did the couple’s Spotify deal cost?

The couple’s Spotify deal was reportedly worth $20 million.

4. What is the current state of the couple’s finances?

Despite no longer being on the payroll for their podcasting show, Prince Harry and Meghan are still believed to be secure financially with a mortgage still attached to their $14.7m home.

5. Has Meghan signed on for any additional media projects?

Meghan has announced a partnership with Netflix whereby she will produce an animated series.”