Spenser Confidential is Gearing Up to Thrill the Audience With Another Season Releasing in March!

Netflix’s Spenser Confidential can please the audience with its thrilling and humorous scenes. The film is directed by Peter Berg and is adapted for the film by Sean O’Keefe and has Mark Wahlberg as its main cast.

This is the fifth time that Berg and actor Mark Whalberg have worked together, they have previously worked on Lone Survivor, Patriot’s Day, Deepwater Horizon and Mile 22.


The movie is all set to be released on Netflix on March 6 2020. As the date is coming closer, the excitement level of the audience’s is touching new heights.

The movie is said to have been inspired from Wonderland by Ace Atkins, a novel where the author- Robert B. Parker described Spenser’s character, who is a detective by profession and is seen keeping an eye on a boxer who recently got out of prison, he returns to Boston’s criminal underworld to untangle a twisted murder conspiracy.

Credit: Netflix

According to the movie preview, one thing is sure that the character of Spenser has good potential and some sources reported that if Spenser’s character receives immense love and appreciation the audience may get to see more of him in the near future.

This movie will be a pleasure for people who love to watch comedy shows and movies. Apart from Spenser, there will be more characters- Schlesinger Malone and Post.

In the movie, he will be seen collaborating with Hawk to bring out the truth of the death of two Boston police officers. The main cast will be Winston Duke, Mark Wahlberg and Alan Armin. Mark Whalberg will star in his first Netflix original mystery drama Spenser Confidential.

Get ready to experience this thrill and comedy movie. Stay Tuned for further updates…