South Park has a crazy way to put there point and now Poking Fun at Vegan Issues is the target!

Animation shows and series are getting some considerable attention from people all around the globe. Sometimes these shows mock certain current situations or issues that have a metaphorical meaning behind the mockery.

What Is Kind Of Content Used For Mockery?

Recently The South Park seems to be continuing their rebellion against the big business China and the apparent unholy matrimony between the two.

The episode named Band In China pokes fun at specific certain issues. The issue involves China’s influence on American culture and media, as well. The incidents that are targeted are the growing popularity of vegan food and also the effects of mass production.

How These Characters Are Mocking The “Meat Scenario”?

Randy goes on to taste a burger at The Burger King and is taken aback by the shocking discovery that the burger is plant-based. On the other hand, Cartman discovers that his school is introducing plant-based alternatives. He is infuriated that his terrible diet is interpreted, and his bad eating habits are hindered. The show is clearly mocking the sudden popularity of vegan food and how we need to switch to vegan food for the benefit of our environment. Cartman is surely not dealing well with the changes. Although he is an obese person, it seems like this plant-based diet is not on his eating list!

It seems like Cartman is not concerned about the meat only, but the freedom to eat junk food was his main concern. On the other hand, Randy’s burger business is in severe danger, thanks to all the disturbing images from the slaughterhouse. The show further mimics an authentic fast food experience by providing a thick dose of salty grease that was followed by a stomach ache. Let us see how the audience reacts to these instances of mockery.

Let them eat goo is a good episode with considerable crude humor.