South Korea Rapper YG Denies cheating on her girlfriend Kehlani. Read on to know about the whole fiasco!!!

29-year old rapper, YG Denies recently captured in a video kissing a random girl instead of her girlfriend Kehlani, a 25-years-old Singer. While Denies denied that he is not cheating Kehlani. Read on to know the truth. 


YG and Kehlani, both have become a new couple in the hip-hop scene, and they have revealed their relationship to the public last month, as they captured walked hand-in-hand at the event during New York Fashion Week. And also, Kehlani shared a romantic picture of herself with YG and admitted about their relationship. 


What happened that Night and why YG kissed a random girl?


The Shade Room captured a video of Denies in Los Angeles, where he found sitting in a Lamborghini outside the Poppy Night Club and talking to a stranger girl. And then, she sits in the car for talking to him and appears the woman then leans in for a kiss. The video is here to watch.


Response from YG’s team 

YG’s team claimed that it was a moment which he carried away in drunkenness. He was drunk at that time, and he is very regretful for putting himself in such a situation and hurting Kehlani. He doesn’t have any romantic relationship with that girl. 


And within a few hours of this situation, he denies posted to his Instagram Stories that “I love Kehlani. I would never hurt her.” 

Kehlani hasn’t responded to any of the accusations made on YG as she is busy and focused on going trick-or-treating for her daughter’s first-ever Halloween.