Sony giving popular PS4 exclusive go check your emails!

Video gaming has always been a very exciting venture for many people. VR or Virtual Reality is a new concept in gaming, which gives it a more realistic approach. Sony’s PS4 also introduced Virtual Reality, which became very popular in no time.

Sony’s free VR game giveaway offer:

Sony is reportedly giving away free PS4 game which is said to prove vital for all the VR fans. It is a lucky draw kind of system. There is a limitation on how many people can be chosen, but if you are then, you’ll get an email with a voucher code. You can be the lucky one to get a copy of the best VR PlayStation games for free. Astro Bot: Rescue Mission, this is the most hyped about a game of PS4 since the launch of VR. There aren’t many releases in VR gaming, but as of now, Astro Bot stands out among all the others. The game also got decent reviews for the users.

The selection procedure for this offer is unknown. Although, people who got selected said that Sony contacted them through email and also provided the voucher code on personal mail. The only flaw is that Playstation owner who doesn’t own a Playstation VR can also get VR games via this offer. So, in the worst-case scenario, you will have the game, but then you have to purchase the machine to support it.

The craze for ‘Astro Bot: Rescue Mission’:

As the name suggests, Astro Bot is a VR game in which we have to control a robot named Astro. The game released last year in October. It had also bagged almost all the awards of VR gaming last year. The game is also turning out to be the best VR game to date.SIE Japan Studio’s ASOBI developed this game. The game managed to get very good reviews and ratings. Sony, with its Playstation VR, is providing all gamers a top-level gaming experience.