Someone Might Not Be On Board With Nikki And Brie Bella’s Joint Gender Reveal Party: but Brie’s husband seems to be a spoilsport!

Brie and Nikki Bella have made headlines when the two announced their pregnancy at the same time! The two have been sharing the shares experiences of motherhood. However, it seems like someone does not want to be a part of all this!

Nikki And Bella Might Be Having Some Different Plans About The While Gender Reveal Idea!

Apparently, while the two sisters are into this pregnancy thing, Nikki has recently come up with an adorable idea of doing a joint gender reveal party with Brie. While Brie seems to be quite excited and on board with it, her husband might not be too thrilled about the whole arrangement!

Brie’s husband said that he thought that they don’t want to know the gender of the baby and wanted it to be a surprise. While it seems like Brie wanted to pursue him on this, her better half is pretty adamant about the whole thing. Take this exclusive video about the upcoming incident that sure seems high on drama!

Brie And Her Husband Might Have A Initial Plan About The Second Baby.

On the other hand, Nikki and her partner Arten have decided to keep the gender party for the show also as to give the viewer something special to look upon. While Brie is still a bit confused over the whole thing and it would be interesting to see which side she leans into.

Brie has earlier talked about having some different plans about her second pregnancy and she is a bit more laid back this time it seems. She revealed in April that she wants the gender reveal to be more like a surprise. Let us see whether the plan changes!