Some Things to Know About Argentinian Women and Culture!

Elegant, sloppy, calm, hysterical, polite, absurd, friendly, introverted, and lots of other characteristics apply to Argentinian women. Finding a common line among women belonging to a nation which is almost 95 percent composed of descendants of immigrants from around the world is not an easy task.

Some Historical Facts

Over the century, from 1850 to 1950, more than 6 million people moved to Europe from Argentina in search of permanent residence. The main wave of immigration to Argentina consisted of Spaniards and Italians. But you can also find German, Lebanese, Jewish, Armenian, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, and Scandinavian blood here. This list can go on and on. But the most interesting thing is that the women living in this Latin American country are the great patriots of Argentina. Of course, they respect the culture and traditions of their ancestors, but regardless of their origin, they consider themselves Argentineans; they know the history of their country well; they like to sing the national anthem during the holidays and cheerfully support the local football teams with their families and friends.


It is unlikely that all women in Argentina know what antioxidants are, but the vast majority of Argentines drink mate – a traditional drink of local Indians. Mate is a tonic tea made from shredded leaves of the Yerba tree which is brewed in a special vessel most often made of pumpkin and drunk through a special tube with a strainer. Mate contains up to 1.8% caffeine, essential oil, vitamins A, B, C, citric acid, and other beneficial substances.

They begin to drink mate in Argentina at a very young age: since it is customary to share this drink bypassing the mate around, children adopt the habit of drinking mate from their parents and never part with it for the rest of their lives. Thus, if you want to date Argentinian women, then you’d better get used to this drink. Mate helps some to find love; others take it to help them to relax, but in any case, the habit of drinking this healthy tea is much better than the habit of smoking or the abuse of carbonated drinks which many Argentines, unfortunately, are also addicted to.

Caring for one’s own health and body and, in particular, diet is a controversial issue for Argentines. On the one hand, most representatives of the middle and affluent class are happy to go to the gym, yoga, jog, and cycle; in a word, try their best to keep themselves in shape. On the other hand, the topic of food, its purchase, preparation, and its consumption is one of the most important topics for every Argentinean. In addition, dinner here is customary after eight in the evening, and the main course is likely to be meat, pasta, or pizza. For breakfast, an average Argentinian will eat toast or croissants with coffee. At lunch, they will eat a few empanadas with meat or chicken and finish them off with Coca-Cola. In the evening, they go to the gym again to fight extra pounds.

Birthright Beauty

Determining the gender of a baby is very simple – the ears of Argentinian girls are pierced in the hospital, during the first few days of their lives. This old tradition that came from Spain has taken root in Argentina. Therefore, earrings are an integral part of most Argentinean jewelry. Girls most often grow up in large families: in Argentina, again, thanks to Italian traditions, it is customary to have many children regardless of family income. Experiments with decorative cosmetics begin early. Local brands (Natura, Regina) have special products for teenagers. But by the end of school, young Argentines almost cease to use them. It is customary to dress up here in the evening, before going out to a nightclub or a bar where they usually get acquainted with guys. Speaking of the opposite sex: despite serious religious restrictions (for a long time, divorces were prohibited in Argentina, and abortion is still prohibited), this country was the first on the continent to allow same-sex marriage, and same-sex families are allowed to adopt children. So from the school bench, Argentinean children are taught that a family can consist not only of dad and mom but also of dad and dad or mom and mom. Among the stars of show business, more and more transvestites and transgender people appear every year. It is difficult to say how Argentine men relate to them, and women are happy to discuss their vibrant style and unusual wardrobe of these superstars.