Solo Leveling season 2 [MAJOR UPDATE]: There might be a delay due to covid 19! Check for expected release date, plot and more.

After the Solo Leveling season 1 got superhit on the screens, the show adapted from a South-Korean web novel is planning for a second one. It was brought to us by Jang Sung-Rak.

What is the storyline of Solo Leveling Season 2?

The novel has its English title as ‘I Only Level Up,’. The first season was successful in connecting us to a world that had only monsters and mysterious creatures in it. And it also had a few people who had the ability to hunt them. They were known as ‘hunters.’ The lead Protagonist of the show is Sung Jin-Woo. He is also one of the hunter. But he is a bit weak in hunting with an E rating which is quite low rating.

A day came when Jin-Woo with a few other hunters got captured in a perilous dungeon. Unfortunately only a few out of them were able to save themselves and get back. Sung Jin-Woo, however, struggles hard for surviving and, finally at last he escapes with newly discovered powers. He was able to see quests on an interface through these powers.

Solo Leveling Season 2: release date

Season 1 of Solo Leveling ended on March 17th, 2020. Since then fans are desperately waiting to watch the second season of this series full of adventure. But it has been only two month since the first season ended. Thus, we will have to wait a little more for the second season. The production and filming has not started yet but it is confirmed that there’ll be a second season so you need not to worry.

Author of the series revealed that the delay in production of the second season is due to COVID-19 outbreak. And this is the only reason for the release date been pushed back to 2021.