SNL’ Cold Open Tackles Democratic Debate and Trump Impeachment!!

SNL’ Cold Open Tackles Democratic Debate and Trump Impeachment. It was a hell of a day with craziness to the limit and people voicing out their opinions. But the main focus was on the wine caves. It became a hot topic between the candidates. It was the talk and about Pete ButtiButtigieg and Elizabeth Warren.

According to Warren, she believes that people in the wine cave should not have the right to pick out the next President for the country. They should not do it because it will create more problems than the problems the county already has and faces.

Also, Bowen Yang also known as Andrew Yang said that his opinions would not be heard in the media or through them, so that is why he is using the virtual for help. He is hosting the debate left in the virtual reality. Colin JostJost’s ButtiButtigieg was also present in the discussion. Even he said that tonight he will voice out and attack, but only if the rest of the people are fine with it.

Everyone was ready to be in it and to voice out their opinions. Even Larry David who is white, says that she is white but still cannot help it but to voice out the opinions so that truth can be out and the solutions will be served properly. There were even candidates who quoted lyrics from Lizzo’s new song.

Some even made pretty funny statements. Like one of them said that their voice would be solid and clear like a carefully rehearsed Midwestern mom jokes. It was that much of a vibe there in the discussion.

As for the Trump Impeachment, all were together and to give out correct punish. Trump is already charged for a case against it. So they are looking for the correct justice to be served, no matter who the person is, even how important and even high or low he or she is.