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Slasher: Season 4 of Slasher will be named as Reunion. The question is “Will it Appear on Netflix?” To Know Read Below

Well, Slasher’s fans have some really good news to look after. One of the most underrated horror show “Slasher” is getting renewed for the 4th season. Each season always revolves around a killer with mask who kills their victims without any motive. But as we know licensing is very tricky issue, the question is whether it will appear on Netflix or not?

Uncertainty of the show’s season 4 arrival on Netflix

Well, the production of the show has not yet listed Netflix. Nobody knows whether they will license out Netflix or not. So answer to the question- Whether season 4 of the show will appear on Netflix? Is “that it is still not announced”. Therefore, all we can do as a Slasher’s fan is wait for the official announcement.

Courtesy: Netflix

Season 4 of “Slasher” will be named as “Reunion”

The specialty of “Slasher” is that they name their season in anthological manner. So the name of fourth season is “Reunion”.

There is no plot information has been revealed yet. But since season 4 is named as “reunion” therefore there are some guesses. May be the plot is set to have a reunion of all the villains from previous seasons (Executioner, Guilty Party and Solstice).

The filming of the show has already started in Toronto. The filming began in October 26th, 2020 and will continue till February 11th, 2021.

The show is directed by Aaron Martin. There exists three seasons of the show which counts to 24 episodes. The journey of “Slasher” was not that easy in the past. Kew Media Group who previously was the distributor of the show went bankrupt and Slasher was one of the tittles which they lost from their libraries. Clearly, now the right’s holder is totally interested in licensing with Netflix.

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