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Singing Sensation Taylor Swift Was Caught In A Middle Finger Situation While A Friend Shared An Interesting Snap Of Her!

It seems like singing sensation Taylor Swift is celebrating the New Year and little different than usual as she has the perfect way to bid adieu to the tumultuous year, that was 2020!

Claire Winter Shared An Interesting Image Of Taylor Swift!

While many of us are glad that the year 2020 is finally over, Taylor Swift’s friend Claire Winter Kislinger thought if bidding  the cursed year a proper goodbye early on 1st January! She managed to do that with a Polaroid-style snap of her popstar friend, and Taylor was giving the middle finger in the snap!

Taylor Swift was looking stunning in a purple dress which was covered in glittered designs and was looking over a man’s shoulder. Fans are not sure whether it was Swift’s boyfriend boyfriend Joe Alwyn. However, fans sure do agree with the way the Evermore hitmaker chose to bid goodbye to 2020!

The Lover Hitmaker Wore A Bear Costume To Bid Adieu To 2020!

Moreover, jewellery  designer Claire is an old friend of Swift and has been with her for a long time. Claire, he also received a heartfelt shout out from stage! Taylor Swift wore a bear costume while captioning the picture saying 2020 was a wired year, the whole outfit, as speculated by some fans was assumed to be a homage to the hit horror flick Midsommar! Take a look at this interesting snap while Swift is chilling in her one of a kind costume!  Fans could totally relate to the picture and the feelings towards 2020!


However, the year 2020 turned out to be quite good for Taylor swift as bother her albums, Folklore and Evermore went on to become chart-toppers while fans surely are hooked to the songs!

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