Singing Sensation Justin Bieber Did Hit Rock Bottom At A Point And Soon Had A Breakthrough In Life!

Sometimes fame at an early age can be somewhat of a bane than a boon. Singing sensation Justin Bieber who was already a renowned celebrity by the time he was a teenager did take a toll in his personal life!

Justin Bieber Went Through A Dark Phase In Life! Have A Look.

Justin Bieber was soon a victim of negative publicity which ranged from him getting hit on stage by fans to media spotting him urinating in a bucket to making graffiti on the wall! The Baby hitmaker also canceled his World Tour concert midway and that really worried his close ones.

The singer also got involved in a messy relationship with Selena Gomez which kind of became a problematic chapter of their lives for both of them. While Selena has indirectly hinted at being in an abusive relationship, Justin himself was spiraling into a void or darkness.

The Singer Did Hit Rock Bottom And Soon Went Into A Dark Void.

However, it was Hailey Baldwin who kind of showed that dedication and patience towards Justin, and he started to take care of his body and showed Hailey what kind of a changed man he is. Justin soon came out of that dark void and he said this on record that having a family has always been his topmost priority.

Moreover ,the man behind so many hit record breaking albums did went through a dark time and it was Hailey Bieber who showed that love that took him out of that never ending path of pain. The singer soon got rid of his addiction and was soon in a more healthier phase of life which is pretty evident enough now.