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Singer Trini Lopez Has Passed Away at 83 Leaving Behind His Musical Creations! Check out the reason behind his death.

It is indeed he lost for the music industry as we lost a gem in the form of the Mexican – American singer Trini Lopez. The singer who has a classic song down his sleeve has passed away leaving his fond memories and iconic works behind.

Popular Singer Trini Lopez Has Passed Away.

The singer died in Palm Springs, California. The reason for his death is reported to be complications from Coronavirus. Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters penned down a heartfelt note and remembered the late singer saying that he left behind a beautiful music legacy.

He went on to say that home and his guitar have been the sound of Foo Fighters right from day one. Have a look at this heartfelt Twitter post penned down by the member of Foo Fighters. We sure will remember the man of music and genius work.

The Singer Had A Long Journey With The Foo Fighters. The Band Member Remembered Him.

The late singer, Lopez has created d as many as sixty music albums and was one of the popular headliners in Las Vegas. The man was included in the International Latin Music Hall of Fame in 2003 and was honored with the Las Vegas Walk of Stars in 2008 as well. Trini Lopez’s sudden demise is mourned by the music industry.

Moreover, music fanatics and the industry alike would remember the man of art and creation even after his demise . His musical legacy is left  behind and will forever be remembered and cherished. A documentary is in development which is going to be based on his life, titled, My Name Is Lopez. The film will be a tribute to the man of art.

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