Singer Kelsea Ballerini Opens Up About Not Making It Into The CMA List! Look at what she has to say.

Artist Kelsea Ballerini recently opened up after being totally shut out from the 2020 CMA Award nominees, the singer talked about how she might be a bit disappointed for not making it into the list, and how she plans to bounce back.

Kelsea Ballerini Opens Up About The Whole Not Making It Into The CMA List!

She started how to work in so hard on her music and that too in the time of such a health crisis, and not being able to.make it into the list of nominations was extremely disheartening. Ballerini further said that she makes make music that she really wishes to represent the genre well.

However, the popular artist has not lost hope and has been optimistic about this and has said that she will turn this around and work even harder to make a better record next time. Ballerini said that it is not that Awards do not matter, as they very much do and that’s why she is sad.

The Artist Said She Will Use This To Feel Motivated And Come Back With A Better Album.

Although she was included in the final cut, there are no hard feelings for the association as Kelsea says that she loves the CMA’s and respects them wholeheartedly. However, this will enable her to work and bring out the best in her. She is disheartened for sure but will bounce back the next time.

Well, we hope that this is not considered as a fallback but just another stepping stone to success as next time Ballerini will surely jump back with more win her way. We are sure she will be ruling the list the next year for sure.