The Australian Singer Sia Recently Revealed that Harry Styles Flirted with Her! Find Out the Detailed Story Below.

Recently Sia, in an interview with her friend Eddie Benjamin for a magazine, shared her experience about how once Harry Styles flirted with her when he was 21, and it made her feel “dizzy.”

It was when Benjamin was discussing his love for the godly woman and how he loves female energy and female styling. Then he brought up Styles calling him “beautiful,” which he is for sure. Sia then replied how confident Styles is because he has got some great moves and swag. She then told the time when she was 35, and he was 21, and he totally made her feel special. Harry styles are one of the most loved and charming singer, people not only admire his work, but he is also known for his irresistible looks.


Benjamin then called Styles a “legend” because he is so damn good with flirting. Indeed he is a flirty person, said Benjamin. Sia also told Benjamin how she has heard from many other girls that Harry has some smooth moves and because he is so charming, it works great for him. However, when it happened to her, she totally went bright red.


In the interview for GQ, Sia also told that she has decided to stay single for the rest of her life. However, she is okay with no strings attached sex with some people, for example, Diplo, Gee. Therefore this year, Sia wrote a text to Diplo saying how sexually attracted she is to him. So this way, she shared her feeling for him. She also shared how she has also adopted a son; therefore, she does not have time for a relationship. So, if Diplo is interested in some no string attached sex, then he could approach her.