Showtime’s Halo series to finally begin Shooting after Six Years of Long Wait! But Fans not Happy for Casting Actors of Different Race From the Game!

Finally, the wait is over! Six years ago, Showtime decided to film a Halo series but things couldn’t go the right way at that time. With its storyline revolving around a game that was originally created by Microsoft, the series is all set to be shot.

Why is the Halo series receiving backlash?

The series has received a lot of hate from the gaming fans as the series ignored the traditions of the gaming series. Also, the characters were not cast according to the game. In the game, two of the characters were white. These were among the lead characters in the gaming series. But in the halo series, black actors have been cast for portraying their role.

This has created a lot of buzz as people are calling it a racist and mean thing to do. The fans were very excited to see their favorite characters on the big screen but it could not happen. The character’s personality have been completely changed and fans are very disappointed. Moreover, the series is not exactly following the storyline of the gaming franchise which has angered the gaming fans.

Cast Members of Halo  :

The series stars Sapani (he is playing the main character of the series), Murphy, Bookeem Woodbine, Bentley Kalu, Kate Kennedy and is also starring none other than the very talented Indian actress Shabana Azmi. She is one of the finest actors of Indian Cinema! The producer of the series is Steven Kane and directed by Otto Bathurst.

Halo series couldn’t be made for such a long time because the series was not able to find a proper producer or director. Finally this year, the cast members were decided and everything was settled. The rights of the series are with Showtime and 343 industries. The series is all set to release in 2021. However, being delayed for such a long time has definitely set the expectations of the audience very high and it would be difficult to match the level.

All the best wishes to the team!!