Showtime unveils ‘Dexter: New Blood’ Trailer: Witness the Evolving Monster

Michael C. Hall is pursuing at Dexter to-right all the wrongs

After a whopping eight years, Michael C. Hall’s serial killer is back! No doubt that Dexter’s finale left the fans disappointed. Michael C. Hall is well aware of it. And now he’s back with a new mini-series of the title “Dexter: New Blood.”

Why Now?

Hall has revealed to ET! why this is the right time to bring dexter back. In addition, he revealed that the series will happen in “real-time” considering the amount of time between the season 8 finale and the new upcoming season.
Hall stated, “I’ve been approached, unofficially, many times in the streets by people who have ideas. But, I think before this one there have been probably three legitimate ideas or concepts of what we might do, and none of them felt right. This one, a lot of it has to do with time passed.”

The show mainly focuses on Dexter Morgan (Michael C. Hall ), a bloodstain pattern analyst at Miami Metro Police Department who concurrently leads a secret life as a nemesis killer. The series previously ended in a way that was not much appreciated by fans. In the end, Dexter fakes his own death and lives under the safety of a new identity.

Jack Alcott as Harrison

Dexter: New Blood: Trailer

The full-length trailer of Dexter was released on September 9, 2021. It has definitely hiked up the creepiness. The trailer shows Dexter saying these words “I might still be a monster, but Iā€™m an evolving monster.ā€

According to Showtime, this miniseries will happen 10 years after Dexter vanishes in Hurricane Laura. Towards the end of the trailer, we get to see Dexter’s son who has now become a teenager.

Dexter: New Blood- Release date

The upcoming mini-series of Dexter will premiere on November 7, 2021. The series contains 10 episodes and will be released on Showtime.

Dexter: New Blood- Cast

While Michael C. Hall will reprise his role as Dexter Morgan / Jim Lindsay, Jack Alcott acts as Harrison Morgan / Randall. Also, we get to see Clancy Brown, Julia Jones, Johnny Sequoyah, David Magidoff, Alano Milleras, and Jennifer Carpenter.


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