Showrunner Makes A Major Revelation About The Next Antagonist Of CW’s Batwoman Season 2: Ruby Rose is ready!!

While CW has renewed Batwoman for yet another season, Kate Kane will be returning to protect the city of Gotham from all the bad guys. However, the showrunner has revealed an interesting fact about the upcoming villain as well.

Batwoman Showrunner Reveals The Identity Of The Next Antagonist Of The Show.

Apparently, showrunner Caroline Dries has confirmed that Safiyah Sohail is the upcoming antagonist in the second season of the show. As fans might be a safe that she is the ruler of the pirate nation of Coryana.

Dries further added that they read the comic story resolving Safiyah and they wanted to rope her in the second chapter of the story. Moreover, they did not do that in the first season as a lot was already happening. So they are piping the lesbian pirate in the second season.

The Two Goes A Long Way As Per The Original Story Is Concerned.

As per the original comics, Safiyah saves Kate Kane’s life when she has a severe head injury. They two had a fleeting romance going on but there was soon trouble when Kate infects the island and the two have to part ways. While in the show itself Safiyah’s name has been mentioned time and again. While Batwoman does not know her, Safiyah surely does.

While the Showrunner has not given any additional details about the plot which might be following the original comic and then a romantic angle is pretty possible. However,  with Ruby Rose suddenly leaving the role of Kate Kane behind there might be some upcoming changes coming through. The makers might be making some changes in Safiyah and Kate’s equation. We are eagerly waiting for season2.