Shooting The Mafia: New Documentary reveals pictures of Sicily’s Mafiosi shot by female photographer Letizia

Sicily’s murderous Mafiosi captured in intimate pictures by a female photographer who lived to tell the tale. The pictures were taken by a strong and brave photographer Letizia Battaglia. The pictures revealed the life of mafia and the secrets and the extraordinary life behind it.

 A new documentary has been released called the ‘Shooting The Mafia.’ The documentary reveals the raw and bitter truth of the reality of life. Letizia has taken more than 60,000 pictures which showed the reality of the families which were involved in the mafia world and the problems involved in it. The hardships of families and the problems were all captured in it.

The photographer was born in 1935. She began her career of capturing these pictures during the 1970s, which is known for Italians as the ‘years of lead.’ Letizia was not sure of a crime photographer because back then when the lady was in her 40s, she started her job in this career by taking the spot as a photographer for Palermo-based newspaper.

Now she is 84 and a famous and well-known photographer who is known for capturing various pictures, especially Sicily’s murderous mafia crimes. It tells tales of all the lives. Letizia became the first female photographer to work for daily newspapers in Italy.

The woman’s life itself tells a whole lot of stories. The brutal and the hard reality of those 1970s and 1980s has been fully captured in her camera. Through her lens, those truths can be revealed clearly.

The life Sicily can be seen clearly in those photos. Letizia has around 60,000 pictures in her archives. The woman became a brave one by doing such a job. She chose criminal photography and became a successful one in it.

It is actually great became then we can see and understand all those history, the life of Sicily and mafia and everything. It is crystal clear. Even though she had to face hardships, in the beginning, she later became a successful photographer later on.