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Shonda Rhimes is All Set with a New Upcoming Series on Netflix

It seems like Shonda Rhimes has teamed up with the streaming giant Netflix for yet another big project ahead. Some new names have popped up for the project and fans are already excited for it.

Shonda Rhimes Is Developing A Brand New Series With Streaming Giant Netflix!

Fans are all set to see the upcoming Shonda Rhimes Netflix Series titled Inventing Anna. With an interesting cast ensemble, another name has been recently added for the upcoming series. Let us take a look at some of the names that will be a part of this series.

Inventing Anna is going to be a ten episodes series revving around the controversial story of Jessica Pressler about the twenty-eight-year-old Anna Sorokin, aka Anna Delvey, who took over a false identity of a German heiress to swindle the New York elite out of a whooping amount of $200,000! As interesting it may sound, we are excited to see it all on screen. 

The Series Will Have Julia Garner Play The Titular Role Of Anna In The Upcoming Netflix Series.

Slave Play star James Cusati-Moyer has based a recurring role in the upcoming Shonda Rhimes series. Other than that Julia Garner will be playing the titular character of the faked heiress. Fans have seen her on the crime drama series Ozark as well.

Moreover, Shonda Rhimes, who has been the genius behind several hit shows will create another gripping story of deceit and power play in this upcoming Netflix series starring Julia Garner as the notorious Anna with a identity that is too good to be true! David Frankel who also directed The Devil Wears Pravda will be behind the camera for this series as well. No additional information regarding this newest Netflix project has been disclosed yet. So, expect the series to arrive sometime around 2021. 

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