It certainly stirs the hearts of millions to come across a piece of news where the two most protective women in a child’s life, his mother and grandmother hit the witness stand liable for the child’s death. A 43-year-old grandmother by the name of Laurie Taylor has been lately held responsible for the death of her infant grandson, along with her young daughter Alexus Taylor.

Sources have reported that the child had mistakenly consumed heroin containing drugs followed by which he started wheezing severely. The drugs belonged to Laurie and were certainly not preserved at a safe place away from the child’s reach. It should also be noted that she had bought the drugs from Baltimore on the same day the incident took place and realized a drug was missing. The question of why did she not dive deeper into where would the missing drug be and consider the possibility of the child having it has arisen from different sections of the society.

While this piece of the news was enough to send a shiver down the spines of the readers, there is more to add on. The investigators discovered various life-threatening drugs scattered all over the house, including inside the child’s diapers, which leads to the revelation of an entirely new dimension to the incident as to why would heroin and fentanyl be so carelessly left around in the entire house.

The most shocking part of all is that it has been known in spite of seeing the innocent infant wheezing the mother and grandmother took the decision to wait and see how he eventually responds instead of rushing him to the hospital or making an emergency call to 911. Though they finally made up their time to seek medical support, there wasn’t sufficient time to recover the child. The doctors could only make it till performing an autopsy that confirmed the presence of heroin and fentanyl in the infant’s blood and liver. This heart-wrenching incident had taken place on Friday, 6th December.