Shocking! ‘Survivor’ set for reboot on BBC in 2023!!

Survivor Reboot Makes its Way on BBC one

The BBC has revealed plans for a new season of the popular television program Survivor to air in 2019. A fascinating test of brains, brawn, and betrayal as competitors fight to outwit, outplay, and outlast their opponents to be crowned the Ultimate Survivor, the new series will consist of 16 hour-long episodes.

The well-known reality competition has been created in numerous nations and last shown on UK television in 2001 and 2002 for two seasons on ITV.


Survivors’ format

Twenty participants will compete to “outwit, outplay, and outlast their opponents” in a new UK adaption in order to be named the ultimate survivor, according to the BBC.

The 16-episode season “promises fans a thrilling test of intelligence, brawn, and betrayal,” according to the press release for the 2023 broadcast on BBC One and BBC iPlayer.

The 20 candidates, who were chosen from all over the UK, will be split into two tribes and compete against one another in a variety of physical and mental tests.

The tribes will merge and compete until one contestant demonstrates they have what it takes to be the ultimate survivor and walks away with a cash reward after a number of individuals are ousted at the tribal council.


“Survivor is a global television sensation,” said Kate Phillips, head of unscripted at the BBC. “To be able to bring one of TV’s most successful formats to people in the UK in a distinctly BBC fashion is a very exciting prospect indeed.”

Producers Natalka Znak and Claire O’Donohoe will be in charge of the new UK adaptation, which has been commissioned by BBC One and BBC iPlayer from Banijay UK business Remarkable Entertainment.

“Survivor is ‘the greatest gameshow on earth’ for a reason – it has everything – reality, adventure, drama, and the ultimate game,” said Znak, chief executive officer of Remarkable Entertainment.


I am eager to start working with Paul Osborne, Stephen Lovelock, and the amazing Remarkable team to produce this historic series for the BBC.

More information on the broadcast, presenters, and cast will be released at a later time, according to the BBC.

After debuting in Sweden in 1997, the reality competition is commemorating its 25th anniversary this year. The USA version of the show will shortly begin broadcasting its 43rd series, according to the BBC, which reported that 50 copies of the program have been ordered worldwide to date.

This comes after the BBC announced that the hit 90s series Gladiators will also be returning to the BBC next year. Following the revelation that the BBC is also resurrecting Gladiators, the venerable show that first aired between 1992 and 2000 will return the following year.