SHOCKING: “Only Murders In The Building’ Season 2, Who Really Killed Bunny Folger. The REAL TRUTH.

The show “Only Murders in the Building” has been a fan favorite for years now, and it’s no wonder why! When you think about all of these suspects that are populating this series- each with their own motive… well let me tell ya: there is never any shortage to choose from.

And because of it, we can’t help but wonder who killed Bunny Folger, the president of the Arconia board of directors (Jayne Houdyshell). Fans have had time to process Bunny’s death, which was revealed in the last moments of Season 1, but as Season 2 progresses, we’re still no closer to identifying the person who stabbed the woman.

The most confusing thing about this film so far has been the newbie, Alice (Cara Delevingne). She reached out to Cara’s friend Mabel over social media and now she’s on our list for suspecting! The others that come up often include Gomez as well–she too contacted another unknown person through Facebook before popping into town just recently with some interesting news from work elsewhere around town…

Her motivation appears quite compelling if it has anything to do with the picture that featured Charles’ (Steve Martin) father, given her connections to the art world and appreciation for fine craftsmanship. Of course, there is also Nina Lin (Christine Ko), who was slated to succeed Bunny as board president before she decided against it.

While viewers are left wondering whether or not it was murder, the story takes an unexpected turn when Mabel and Charles go to visit Nina at her apartment. It turns out that she has gone into labor with their baby girl in tow – a daughter named Bunny!

She begs them to track out Bunny’s killer and comes off as genuine, but we haven’t fully cleared her just yet. As Charles’ former stepdaughter Lucy (Zoe Margaret Colletti) placed herself in danger by being aware of the hidden tunnels in the Arconia, Nina and Alice are only beginning to scratch the surface of potential suspects.

Given her strained relationship with her mother and what she hasn’t told Charles, Mabel, and Oliver, may she be seeking for quick and easy methods to generate big money in order to start the next chapter of her life? It appears that the actual picture might provide what she seeks.

Leonora’s obsession with the painting continues even after Bunny’s death. She arrives at her daughter memorial with a particular goal in mind and that was to uncover what happened behind this missing artwork of hers, but it didn’t take long before Leonoras memory started playing tricks on her again…

In quest of the picture, Uma (Jackie Hoffman) and Howard (Michael Cyril Creighton) were among the first to investigate Bunny’s flat. Could they have worked together to eliminate Bunny? Even if Uma was acquainted with Bunny, might she not have been upset by the idea of the lady moving to Florida? Howard might easily be persuaded by Uma to go after the board president who had always been a pain in his side.

It would explain the guy Lucy spotted moving inconspicuously the evening Bunny was slain. Who knows, though; perhaps one of these suspects had assistance. In the poll below, let us know who you believe killed Bunny. As Season 2 progresses, look for more hints and suspicions.