Shocking! On My Block: Murder, Drugs, Depravity, Sex & More Stored in Season 5!

On My Block – When is the show returning?

Season 4 of Netflix’s massively popular sitcom, On My Block,  about a gang of street-savvy friends navigating high school has been announced. Cesar (Diego Tinoco), Jamal (Brett Gray), Ruby (Jason Genao), and Monse (Sierra Capri) have gone their separate ways two years after the events of the third season. When a long-kept truth is revealed, the former friends realise they must work together to survive.

Season 4 of On My Block is now available on Netflix, but what about Season 5? Will Netflix release a fifth season of On My Block?

It’s time to say goodbye to Netflix’s On My Block, as much as we want we could spend forever with our gnomies. We’re not sure we want to leave Freeridge just yet, especially with so much riding on this fourth and final season.

On My Block


Netflix, fortunately for us, has a few tricks up its sleeve, and it appears that the fun is just beginning. But what does this mean for our favourite band? Is this to mean that we won’t be saying our goodbyes to On My Block after all?

Here’s what we know about why On My Block won’t be renewed for a fifth season, as well as what the replacement plan is.

Is On My Block Season 4 truly the final season?

This series is no exception to the rule that all wonderful things must come to an end. Season 4 of On My Block has been officially declared as the final season, and Netflix intends to keep their word.

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Cast members have begun writing farewell remarks on social media as fans tune in to view the last episodes.

Is this the end of the On My Block universe for us?

We might not see our favourite crew anymore, but that doesn’t mean we’ll be leaving Freeridge forever. Freeridge, the On My Block sequel series, was previously announced by Netflix, and it looks that we got our first peek of it at the series finale, when a group of beginners looked into the backyard during the final minutes of the broadcast.

According to a press statement from Netflix, the second show would follow a new Core Four who reside in town and will be more female-driven.

“In this On My Block offshoot, the stories of Freeridge continue, which follows a new bunch of companions who may or may not have unleashed a lethal curse, initiating an epic journey,” the streamer added. Netflix renewed On My Block for a fourth and final season in January 2021.

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There’s no information on a release date or casting yet, but we’re hoping for cameos from the original cast at some point!

The Story

Four pals attend to school, but each has an own personality and approach to everything that occurs. It’s not unexpected, given that they grew up in quite different families. Mons, for example, was left with only his father because her mother couldn’t handle the responsibilities she was given. She was not at all interested in caring for her young daughter and fled. Diaz gave in to peer pressure and joined a street gang so that everyone continued to think he was cool.

On My Block

Jamal keeps an eye on his friends and makes sure they don’t do anything stupid. Ruby develops feelings for a new apartment occupant. He is so engrossed in his love that he fails to see that the girl is facing deportation.

The Netflix Network has yet to reveal its plans for the television series “On My Block.” However, based on the latest episode schedule, the On My Block 5th season is expected to premiere on Monday, October 2, 2023.