Shocking! Alex Rodriguez’ Cheated on Cynthia Scurtis: The Reason for the Divorce! Way Before Jennifer Lopez was in the Picture.

Separation from our loved ones s truly painful. Whenever and however that separation comes, the endpoint of pain remains the same regardless of the reason. What builds a relationship strong is the love and affection that the two members have with each other and as long as the love remains intact between the two, nothing can be strong enough to challenge the love and relationship of the two people. When a third person comes in between the couple both sides have to face the sorrows of separation. Such a story is of celebrities, Alex Rodriguez and Cynthia Scurtis.

History of their past

Back in 1996, when the couple met, Cynthia was learning psychology and was much younger than Alex. Alex proposed to her for marriage ad she said yes to it despite her family being against that relationship, since Alex was not Greek. The two had irreconcilable differences I 2008 and they called for a divorce.

The two separated due to Alex’s affair with Jenifer Loper, despite being married to Cynthia already. At the time of their separation, they were parents to two kids, the second one was born 10 weeks before their divorce and was too young to deal with. The two had negotiated nearly $50,000 every month of Cynthia for the nourishment of their kids who were given in primary custody to Cynthia. 

What is the status as of yet?

Both Jenifer, as well as Alex, were divorced at the time they got married. They first met in 20017 and tied knots in 2019 and have gone through the same phase in life as the other. Their kids are in good terms with each other and have no differences that arose between each other. The last time Cynthia heard about Alex was when he was in a relationship with Madonna.