Sheridan Talks Costner Exit and Future of Yellowstone Amid Fan Speculation and Cast Visions

Sheridan Talks Costner Yellowstone Exit


With the rumors swirling that Kevin Costner might be leaving the hit Western series ‘Yellowstone,’ creator Taylor Sheridan has finally broken his silence and spoken about the possibility of Costner’s character leaving the show.

H1: Sheridan Talks Costner Yellowstone Exit

H2: Sheridan Discusses Costner’s Character

Sheridan revealed during a recent interview with Deadline that he has always planned on having multiple characters die on the show, including John Dutton, Costner’s character in ‘Yellowstone.’ He said that the show is about the evolution of the ranch, and the death of certain characters is just part of that evolution.

H3: Lucas and Olivieri Weigh In

Additionally, ‘Yellowstone’ star Josh Lucas also spoke about his thoughts on Costner’s possible departure from the show at PaleyFest. Lucas said that while Costner’s presence would be missed, the show has a strong ensemble cast that could definitely carry the series forward. Dawn Olivieri, who also stars in the show, echoed Lucas’ sentiments, saying that while she would be disappointed if Costner left, she remains excited about the future of the show.

H4: McConaughey’s Spinoff

In addition to speaking about Costner, Sheridan also spoke about the upcoming ‘Yellowstone’ spinoff, which will focus on the characters of the Dutton family in the year 1883. He confirmed that Matthew McConaughey would be joining the cast, saying that the actor was perfect for the role.

H5: Reaction to Costner Rumors

Since the rumors of Costner’s possible departure from ‘Yellowstone’ began circulating, fans of the show have been expressing their opinions on social media. Some are sad at the prospect of losing Costner’s character, while others are excited to see what new characters the show will introduce if he does leave.

H6: The Future of ‘Yellowstone’

Regardless of whether Costner stays or goes, it seems that ‘Yellowstone’ will continue to be a popular show for some time to come. With new spinoffs in the works and a devoted fan base, the show is poised to remain one of the most iconic Westerns of all time.

H7: Conclusion

As Taylor Sheridan continues to develop new stories for the world of ‘Yellowstone,’ fans can rest assured that they will be entertained by the characters they know and love for years to come.


1. Is Costner definitely leaving ‘Yellowstone’?

At this time, there has been no official confirmation that Costner is leaving the show. However, rumors have been circulating that his character may be written out.

2. What will happen if Costner does leave the show?

If Costner’s character does leave ‘Yellowstone,’ it is likely that the show will introduce new characters to fill the void. Fans of the show will likely continue to tune in regardless, as the series has a devoted following.

3. Will there be more spinoffs of ‘Yellowstone’?

Yes, a prequel series called ‘1883’ has been announced, as well as a series called ‘6666’ that will take place in Texas.

4. What is the appeal of ‘Yellowstone’?

Many fans of the show appreciate the strong performances by the cast, as well as the complex characters and intricate plotlines.

5. When will ‘Yellowstone’ return for its next season?

The next season of ‘Yellowstone’ has not yet been announced, but fans are eagerly anticipating its return.