She Hulk Season 1 Has A New Writer? New Anticipated Show’s Season 1 Release Date, Who Is In Cast? Plot Trailer And More

The MCU has come up with a lot of crazy announcements this year. With Iron Man not being in the scene to the probable possibility of a new Iron man in the limelight. It seems like amidst all these we are about to get some good news this upcoming year.

Who Is Going To Lead The She-Hulk Show?

Apparently, Marvel productions had finally found a writer to develop one of the most anticipated shows and to lead its writer’s room. The show is the much-awaited She-Hulk TV Show.

According to certain sources, Rick And Morty alum Jessica Gao has been chosen to develop She-Hulk for Disney+. Her works include HBO’s Silicon Valley and Comedy Central’s Corporate. She is credited with quite some popular shows it seems. Let us see how she writes this superhero show.

What Can We Expect From The New Marvel Show?

With the news of Gao being more as the lead writer and developer of the show, it can indicate to the fact that the show will have a comic tone. Kevin Feige has earlier confirmed at D23 that the show will somewhat follow the comic book. The She-Hulk can be Jennifer Walters. She is a lawyer and a cousin of Bruce Banner. She retains her personality and intelligence while she transformed into the mighty Hulk.

Other than this above information nothing much has been revealed about She-Hulk. It seems like we have to wait for a while to see her on the big and small screens. Other than she hulk comics, Marvel is set to launch shows of Hawkeye, Wanda Vision, Loki, and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. All these comics are currently filming under the production house. Let us see when Marvel announces anything about the She-Hulk show. Fans are surely eagerly waiting!