Shayne Ward and Sophie Austin share their body transformations after three stone weight loss

Former Hollyoaks talent Sophie Austin has revealed off her absurd weight loss and accepted she never felt bold about her physic even before turning into a mother.

The 35-year-old from London, who is hooked to ex-Coronation Street artist Shayne Ward, also 35, grant birth to their daughter Willow in December 2016.

She accepted she ‘feed for four’ during pregnancy and put on just beneath four stone, going from a size 10 to a 14, but she’s then shed around three stone (19kg) in just 26 weeks.

Like her husband-to-be, Sophie twisted to Ultimate Performance (UP) Fitness in Cheshire for skillful direction, and after a few months of intimate training – during which she endure gall bladder discharge surgery and pledged sepsis – she now ambiences more convenient and satisfied in her own skin than ever since.

Sophie accepted it was regarding a snapshot of herself attired up for a red carpet presence when she accomplished she desired to take response.

‘I just glanced really lost,’ she said. ‘I looked like I had no assurance in myself. I think that I at no time felt very confident about what I watched like, even before when I was really slender.

‘I never perceive good about myself even then cause I wasn’t dining right. I wasn’t consuming enough. And then apparently over-eating. So I never felt alike me. And I think that bearing courage gives you power and potential.’

Oraling about her weight yield, Sophie spoken: ‘I put on a lot of mass when I was fertile. It was a free-for-all – I was dining for four, roughly.

‘I relive feeling really startled and reasoning, “I’m not moving to be able to do this”,’ she accepted.

But progressively Sophie saw her body turn firmer and her curves more comely and heightened. Having initiated her campaign at 12st 6lb (79.8kg) she now scales a slant 9st 9lb (62.9kg).