Sharon Stone Recreated Her Life Changing Scene “I have nothing to Hide” From This Iconic Film: 1992 movie Basic Instinct and people still cant get over it!!

Recently, a renowned actress has recreated one of her signatures styles from a classic movie, and fans are already losing it! Let us see who this actress is?

Which Iconic Scene of 1992 movie Basic Instinct was Recreated At An Award Function?

Apparently, Sharon Stone has recreated her leg-crossing scene from the 1992 movie Basic Instinct. The movie is one of the most iconic films of all time. This recreation was done due to a very special occasion, indeed. Sharon Stone very recently received the Woman of the Year Award at the GQ Men of the Year Awards atĀ Komische Oper inĀ Berlin, Germany, on Thursday night.

Moreover, the sixty-one-year-old actress looked stunning in a plunging black mini dress. She wowed the audience at the Award Show along with her teenage son at the glittering event. As she accepted the award, she sat on the chair and created the most iconic scene yet again. She was successful in creating the same sensation she created in the original scene.

The Actress Showed Gratitude For That Life-Changing Scene.

The original scene is considered to be one of the most controversial of all time. The actress used the tactics to fluster the men in the films and create a diversion as she was underwear free at all times. Sharon said that this scene surely changed her life for the better.

Furthermore, while accepting the award, she thanked the audience and even encouraged them to recreate the scene. She recalled the time when she was considered a joke and how she came out of that with her powerful acting. Kudos to the stunning actress of all time. It seems like, along with the movie, the scene was also life-changing for the actress who showed her gratitude at the award function where she was honored with a Woman Of The Year award.