‘Shantaram’ gets Cancelled on AppleTV+ After Just Season 1, what went wrong?

“Shantaram” gets cancelled just after season 1

Shantaram series finishes its season 1, netizen was expecting the sequel before Apple TV+ cancels it. Sad news for “Shantaram” viewers. Charlie Hunnam who is best known for his role in Son of Anarchy and Last Looks from his recent projects led the series. But with a disappointment, the series got cancelled after season 1.
Charlie Hunnam from Shantaram series.
(Photo: PR Handout)

The series was based on a novel with same title which was written by Gregory David Roberts. It was written and executive produced by Steve Lightfoot who also happens to be the showrunner of the show, including Bharat Nalluri as the director and executive producer.


The story starts from Shantaram follows Lin Ford whose role is played by Charlie Hunnam, who somehow manages to run away from the Australian prison which has the maximum security with no way to escape. His life changes as soon as he escapes from the prison and starts serving as a doctor in the slums of 1980s Bombay. After everything going smooth, he gets in touch with a local mafia boss and eventually starts to make strategies to fight against the Russian troops in Afghanistan.

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