Shake That Booty Up with Bebe Rexha! And that too in a Private Jet with the Pilots being all smiles

Bebe Rexha enjoys her journey by twerking to a rap song in a private jet.

Shake it! Shake it!

Yes, that’s what Bebe Rexha believes, and is showing in her new post on her Instagram page. Bebe Rexha displays her impeccable twerking skills that only a few celebs are fluid in on her flight journey. Talk about having the best time of your life!

The 30-year-old American singer-songwriter uploaded a video for her 9+Million followers, twerking in the luxury of her private jet. The pilots don’t seem to mind that as they were seen smiling to the camera that recorded Rexha and approving her mid-flight dancing. In the video, Bebe went to put her twerking skills in the full throttle, coupling her moves with the loud ‘Back That AZZ UP’ music. The star, working her entire body to the music, went into full twerking mode highlighting her thrusting hip movements.

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In case of emergency please back that ass up.

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The video of the ‘Not 20 Anymore’ singer outfitted in a black-and-white athleisure, is captured from behind, with her facing the cockpit, positioned ahead of the two airplane seats which framed her poise perfectly.

This is not the first time that Bebe has demonstrated her mesmerizing twerking. Back in January, when she was denied by designers to dress her owing to her size 8, she had flaunted her peachy body by her flexible moves. The singer had received massive support back then which had overwhelmed her after she revealed the designers’ rejection to dress her for the Grammys’. And as a befitting reply to those designers, she had shared a few videos of twerking, showing-off her peachy posterior and curves in form-fitting workout clothes.

Well, we know Twerking is a dance form, an art, that many can’t ace, and now, we also know that the talented A-Listed singer has mastered this art, too.