Shadow and Bone: With Season 2 in Production, Intriguing Plot & Release Details Revealed!

Shadow and Bone’s Season 2 to be massive in storyline and grandeur!

It was announced at the Netflix geeked week in June 2021 that a new season for the fantasy show Shadow and Bone will be made. Now it has been confirmed that season two’s production has started. The fantasy TV series’ season one filming took about four months, and it is expected that season two might be completed by May this year!

New season with new cast

The shadow and bone’s Twitter account shared a post indicating that there will be a new cast this season! in this season Jessie Mei would play Alina Starkov, Archie Renaux would play Malyen Oretsov, Kit Young will be playing Jesper Fahey, Danielle Gilligan would olay Nina Zenik. The fantasy series, which has been adopted from Leigh Bardugo’s book named Shadow and Bone showcases the story of a girl who is going to save the world. The show focuses on “small science” or magic that seldom occurs but leads to war.

The story so far

Shadow and Bone

The story revolves around Alina who is an orphan and a mapmaker for Ravka’s army. Alina finds a best friend in Mal as they both have been shunned down by the world for being different. Their lives take many twists after a revelation that changes their life. Alina discovers her powers which have the potential to save her homeland from an entity called volcra. During her daunting mission, she meets a large number of compliances and enemies.

Different endings in the book and series

The series on Netflix ended with General Kirigan showing his reality and capturing Alina with a Grisha amplifier so that he can misuse her increased powers. Then he carries Alina into the Shadow Fold. But Alina escapes and Kirigan gets attacked by a flying volcra in the fold. In the end, Alina after ensuring peace plans to leave Ravka.

Shadow and Bone

However, the book states that Alina and Mal leave for a country called Noyvi Zem to save themselves from being caught. The series also implies their head over to Ketterdam, leaving room for more plots in the second season! All the fans can expect many interesting events in the upcoming season.